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  • Learn how to give and not only receive a tax deduction, but a lifetime source of income.

  • Learn the difference between real money and paper money.

  • Learn how to invest and incur no capital gains tax.

  • Learn how to isolate assets from litigation and liens.

  • Learn how to avoid lawsuits and judgement losses.

  • Learn how to Protect Retirement savings.

  • Learn how to avoid probate and estate taxes. 

  • Learn how to insure privacy in business. 

  • Learn how to create a legacy for future generations.  







             Control vs. Ownership 

"The Key to success is to own nothing control everything"



Your whole life you have been taught to own things, However, there are clear liabilities to ownership of assets. What you own, can be taxed to you, and taking from you.


               The key is not to own things, but control them.


Most insurance polices do not cover punitive damages or intentional wrong doing .


You can always be sued for more than your Insurance policy covers. If that happens, everything you own is at risk. 

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