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1. Discover how to generate a tax deduction and create a lifelong source of income.
2. Understand the distinction between real money and paper money.
3. Learn strategies for investing without incurring capital gains tax.
4. Gain knowledge on safeguarding assets from litigation and liens.
5. Learn techniques to avoid lawsuits and minimize judgment losses.
6. Protect your retirement savings effectively.
7. Avoid probate and estate taxes through expert guidance.
8. Ensure privacy in business transactions.
9. Create a lasting legacy for future generations.






             Control vs. Ownership 

"The Key to success is to own nothing control everything"



  • Throughout your life, you've been taught to pursue ownership. However, owning assets comes with significant liabilities. What you possess can be heavily taxed and taken away from you. 

  • The true key lies in having control rather than ownership. 

  • Most insurance policies do not cover punitive damages or intentional wrongdoing.

  • If you face a lawsuit that exceeds your insurance coverage, everything you own is at risk.

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