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MONEY DEPRECATING? How do you move forward?

Prior to 1985, it was illegal to privately hoard gold and silver in the United States. But the wealthy knew better than to trust in the paper economy of any country. Millions of dollars were leaving the US going to other countries to purchase gold and silver. When our government seen this exodus of money leaving the country, they created the American Gold and Silver Coin program in 1985 to keep the money here. In 1984 the IRS purposed legislation stating which coins were not confiscatable. They stated the only coins that were not confiscatable were numismatic. The only coins labeled as numismatic are the American Eagle coins. The Gold and Silver Confiscation Act is still on the books. The government knew the wealthy would not participate unless there were protected from that act. This is the only government program that is not funded by taxpayers. The pubic has 401Ks and IRA’s, the wealthy have the American Gold & Silver Eagle program. They only place their wealth in tangible assets like gold, silver, Platinum, collectable art, collectable cars, land, diamonds, and pearls. All these things have one thing in common, the longer you keep them, the more valuable they become. You can also borrow against them and put them up for collateral, they are considered liquid assets. “Paper” money is debt incurring instrument, it does not get more valuable, it deprecates. HOW DO YOU MOVE YOUR FAMILY FORWARD WHEN THE MONEY YOU ARE SAVING IS DEPRECATING?


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