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Americas' History of Gold & Silver

Prior to 1933, all paper currency was backed by Gold and Silver. In 1933, there was the Gold Confiscation Act, in 1934 was the Silver Confiscation Act. Our government wanted to manipulate the purchasing power of the dollar. But the whole World monetary system was based on Gold and Silver. The only way to manipulate the system, was to take away the Gold and Silver backing away from the dollar. When this happened, it set inflation in motion. It took more dollars for the same goods and services. When our dollars were backed by gold and silver, they were worth a hundred pennies. today, the purchasing power of the dollar fluctuates between .05 and.07. So, if the paper money was backed by Gold and Silver and it was worth a hundred pennies, they took the gold and silver backing away and it depreciated. So, what is real money?

Answer: Gold and Silver

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